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You can pay for an event online, or with cash at the door. Both cost the same event fee of $30, which covers the event, food, and lodging during game hours.

Payment online offers no benefit outside of being able to pay through a means other than cash. Payment at the door must be made in cash (coins will not be accepted).

Also, your second game is free!

Our game runs from 4pm on Friday to 11am on Sunday. Players are not allowed to be on site before or after these hours. To ensure a seamless experience, please adhere to the following schedule and camp rules:


  • Set Up: 4pm – 7pm
  • Sign-In: 7pm – 9pm
    • Help with game set-up, claim your sleeping space, and prepare for the epic weekend ahead.
    • Players not participating as NPCs on Friday are requested to vacate the Logistics building before 1st Shift begins at 9pm on Friday.
    • REMINDER: You cannot be on-site before 4pm.
  • Shift 1: 9pm – 2am


  • Shift 2: 10am – 3pm
  • Shift 3: 3pm – 8pm
  • Shift 4: 8pm – 1am


  • Clean Up: 9am – 11am
    • Contribute to our community as we tidy up the entire campground so that we leave it as clean, or cleaner than we found it.
    • REMINDER: you must be off-site by 11am.

We generally recommended that new players NPC the entirety of their first event so they can gain a better understanding of how the game works and earn some extra XP for their PC. That said, it is not required and you can PC your first event if you want to.

If you want to play your PC at your first event, make sure to read Creating Your First PC under Get Started so you’re prepared for what’s involved with PCing at Kingdoms of Novitas. Also, assuming that you are remaining for the whole event, you will be required to NPC 1st and 2nd shifts before playing your PC on 3rd and 4th. 

We do have PCs who are non-combatants and tend to avoid combat where possible, but it’s not always possible to ignore combat entirely (you might be snuck up on by a monster, for example).

That being said, we have plenty of in-game abilities that can help you out of combat – from warding away undead, allowing you to disappear or teleport away, or attempting to force the enemy to disengage from you. Also, it is always beneficial to lean into establishing relationships with other PCs who are willing to help you in a fight.

Make sure to read Creating Your First PC under Get Started so you’re prepared for what’s involved with PCing at Kingdoms of Novitas. 

While there are many items you could bring, there are only a few items you must bring. You’ll need your ID, the event fee, a basic set of garb for NPCing, extra food (as food is only served by game during game hours), sleeping gear, toiletries, and any seasonal needs such as bug spray or wool socks.
If you are planning to PC, make sure to bring garb that is different than your NPC garb, including a feast kit (ie. mug, fork, knife, plate), and if you plan to fight, an approved latex weapon.

Other than that, all you need is an open mind and a good attitude!


For an in-depth packing guide and a printable checklist, explore our Get Started section of the Events Info page.

Bed reservations are only necessary for those wishing to sleep in Williams Lodge or the A-Frames. All other sleeping locations are first-come first-serve, however, there are more than enough beds for everyone.


For inquiries on current housing assignments, please contact the Inn Marshals.

We do our best to ensure our game is as immersive as possible, which is why we have certain rules about where to store your belongings during game! All items can either be in an in-game location or out-of-game location. 

Out-of-game locations include your car, under your bed, or somewhere hidden from sight that is marked with the color orange.

In-game locations include everywhere else not described above, including on your body, on top of your bed, in your encampment, or even in the woods. 

  • Non-period items such as sneakers, backpacks, or totes, must be hidden in an out-of-game location and should not be visible while PCs are in-play.
  • NPC gear should be with you at Logistics when you are fulfilling your NPC shifts. When you are PCing, your NPC gear must be hidden in an out-of-game location and should not be visible while PCs are in-play.
  • Lootable PC gear and items must be at an in-game location when you are playing your PC. This could include your PC’s magical items, coins, valued items, and more. These lootable items can be stolen from you while you are PCing – this is legal within the rules of our game. Therefore, you are allowed to hide your lootable items! Note that they cannot be hidden or stored in an out-of-game location when you are playing your PC. Once you are done PCing, only then can these items get put in an out-of-game location, hidden from view. If the lootable item remains in view, or in an in-game location, it can still be stolen even if you are not PCing. 
  • Non-Lootable PC gear and items must remain in an in-game location while you are PCing, but you do not have to worry about them being stolen. Therefore, you do not need to worry about hiding these items! Items such as encampment props with magical abilities can remain visible throughout game.
Our Innkeepers serve dozens of people per game and therefore cannot accommodate any allergies or food restrictions. You may ask the Inn Marshals if anything on our menu contains something that may conflict with your allergy/restriction, but, we advise you to come prepared with your own food and snacks as we cannot promise our menu will meet your needs.
If you require the use of our kitchen in order to accommodate your dietary needs, please talk to the Inn Marshals.  

Under no circumstances can alcohol or marijuana be brought onto the site – it is against Boy Scout policy and will cause us to lose access to the property. Tobacco may only be smoked in the designated smoking area found near the parking lot.

All combat at Kingdoms of Novitas is fought in real speed with medium-impact contact from latex/foam weapons. This means that we fight with all of the real-life skills and courage that we have while swinging our weapons with enough force that landing a hit is felt by the player, without leaving any marks or bruises. 
You are not required to fight in our game, but it’s important to note that you could be attacked at any time, even as a non-combatant. There is no way to completely avoid this.
If you do not wish to engage in combat as a PC, you may leave the area or use magical abilities such as dissipate or sanctuary to protect yourself. Even if there is a medical reason for not wanting to fight, you are responsible for avoiding combat through these methods. 
While NPCing, you may request that the GM not send you out on combat plots, and they will do their best to honor this when possible. We do request that everyone participate in combats occasionally. You can add significant value to a plot and improve the narrative just by holding a weapon! You may even be surprised to find that combat can be very fun, even if it isn’t your thing.
If you are ever uncomfortable with an NPC role you have been given, simply tell the GM and they will adjust the role, or grant you a new one.
If you are uncomfortable in any situation at game, make it known out-of-character and attempt to resolve the situation with the other players involved. If necessary, remove yourself from the situation.

Please keep your eye out for a guide that is coming at a later date! 

Not much! All you will have to do is pay for the event, come with the appropriate NPC garb, and sign a waiver at the Logistics desk! 

Once you’ve done the above, we’ll give you a “N00bie Speech” with other new players where we describe the basics of our game, and then take you out on plots to demonstrate broad concepts, such as the site layout.

Yes! Medical items you need will always be allowed at game and are not held to any immersion standards. Non-medical walking sticks and canes must be boffers and meet our immersion standards. For other similar items, or if you have any questions about our immersion standards, please contact our Props & Atmosphere marshals.  

Sunday is our clean-up day, where all players clean up the camp we play game at. Whether it’s cleaning up your own gear, putting NPC garb away, cleaning the kitchen, or sweeping out cabins – there’s plenty to do before we go home.
There is no set time for when clean-up begins, but players are required to clean up their personal belongings before joining other players in logistics for other clean-up efforts. If you are able to join us in Logistics for other clean-up work, you will earn XP!
Please note that you will need to have your personal possessions packed and out of buildings by 10:30 on Sunday and you will need to be off-site by 11.

Our game runs whether it’s raining, windy, snowing, or beautiful and sunny. Should conditions be extremely dangerous prior to the event, we will announce our plan of action on Facebook and Discord. Should this occur during an event, we will ensure the announcement will be passed to all players.